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Marilyn Peppers-Citizen



Marilyn uses a balanced and integrative approach to physical, emotional, and spiritual connection to support clients on their journeys of aging well. Marilyn is a certified aromatherapist and founder of Canyon Aromatics. Discoveries of paths to wellness led her to a deep appreciation of nature and essential oils as complements to healthy living.

As a certified yoga therapist, holistic health and wellness coach, and aromatherapist she incorporates gentle movement, breathing techniques, aromatherapy, and other wellness tools to support clients.

Marilyn has more than 35 years of military and business leadership experience in various senior-level capacities. She is a retired Air Force Colonel and holds a Ph.D. in public policy and master’s degrees in business and national resource strategy. She is experienced in strategic planning, international and interagency collaboration, logistics planning and integration, and program management.

She currently serves on the boards of directors for the Black Yoga Teachers Alliance and the Integrative Rest Institute (iRest®) and is clinic faculty for the Maryland University of Integrative Health Master of Science Yoga Therapy program. Marilyn serves on the ARQAT executive committee and is a member of the Alliance of International Aromatherapist research committees and the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapists.

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