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Marian Reven


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Marian Reven, also known as Marni, is a Professor of Nursing at West Virginia University (WVU). She is also founder and president of the Aromatic Research Quality Appraisal Taskforce (the ARQAT) a 501c3 nonprofit in the United States. The taskforce came together in January 2021 and has moved with velocity to debut its first creation, the Transparent Reporting for Essential oil & Aroma Therapeutic Studies (TREATS) and Explanatory Statement.


Marni and the taskforce, comprised of researchers, educators, scientists, and aromatic practitioners, came together around a sense of disillusionment over the quality of current nonpharmacologic aromatic research reporting. The ARQAT is united by a common goal—to set and maintain standards for conduct and reporting of nonpharmacologic aromatic intervention studies. To accomplish this, the taskforce invites input, wisdom, and direction from the wider aromatic scientific community.


Marni is a Registered Nurse in the US and created and published her first aromatic study at WVU in 2020. She is Chair of the Research Committee for the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) where she leads a dynamic and collaborative team. Marni also serves as Secretary on the Executive boards of both AIA and West Virginia Wellness Inc. Marni has a passion for lifelong learning and discovery and through her PhD will add fresh perspective to the body of knowledge related to aromatic interventions. She is currently in dissertation studies at WVU, an R1 (very high research activity) university in the US with graduation anticipated in 2023.


Presentations & Publications

9/8/2019 Lecture on aromatherapy research at WVU. Hosted by West Virginia Wellness Inc. at the Ohio County Public Library, Wheeling, WV.

9/26/2019 Poster presentation at the Building Bridges: The Future of Aromatics in Integrative Healthcare, AIA International Conference of aromatherapy research at WVU.

11/6/2019 Poster presentation at the WV Organization for Nurse Executives (WVONE) of Aromatherapy Patch Study and safety and best practice with essential oils in healthcare.

3/17/2020 Magnet Presentation at WVU of the aromatherapy patch study.

5/11/2018 Alternative Therapies Panel Discussion: Aromatherapy and Traumatic Brain Injury. Panel discussion for conference attendees including patients, families, and healthcare professionals. Sponsored by the WV Centers for Excellence in Disabilities conference in Flatwoods, WV.

8/4/2020 Aromatherapy and essential oils in hospice and palliative care, Educational presentation for nursing and support staff at Stonerise Home care and Hospice, St Clairsville, OH.

10/10/2020 Aromatherapy & Essential Oils: Quality, Safety & Sustainability for 2020 and Beyond. Presentation hosted by the West Virginia Wellness Inc. 5th Annual Wellness Fair/General public and holistic practitioners.

11/12/2020 WVU Alpha Rho Biennial Research Conference, WVU STT Alpha Rho audience, Poster Title: Welcoming Ease: A developing concept in nursing. Essential oils and nursing in the care of patients.

September 18, 2021, Invited Session speaker at the Alliance of International Aromatherapists 2021 International Aromatherapy Conference and Wellness Expo. Aromatherapy Hot Topics: From Self-Care to Clinical Trials. Wheeling, IL. USA. Presenting the preliminary work done with the ARQAT. April 27 – 29, 2022, On – demand session for the 2022 International Integrative Nursing Symposium, online. Crossroads in Aromatic Research: Fresh Perspective for the Future. Presenting ongoing work of the ARQAT.

May 20 – 22, 2022, On – demand session for the 2022 Sixth Edition of Botanica: Past, Present, and Future online. Aromatic Research at the Crossroads: Time to Set the Course. Presenting ongoing work of the ARQAT.

Reven, M. (2022). Welcoming ease: Building a concept from nursing practice. Applied Nursing Research. Volume 64, April 2022, 151567

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