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William R. McGilvray

Founder of The Australian Essential Oil Company Pty. Ltd


Founder of The Australian Essential Oil Company Pty. Ltd. Co-owner and Director, with Jill Rivard, of Plant Extracts International Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Bill McGilvray has been deeply involved for over 35 years in all facets of the Australian essential oil industry: plantation development and management, distillation, and marketing to more than 20 countries throughout the world. Under Bill’s direction, the Australian Essential Oil Company’s research and development program introduced to the world native essential oils such as Blue Cypress, Rosalina, and Nerolina, along with innovative products based on these plant oils and extracts.  He was involved in research and development of essential oil-based formulated products for remediation of the built environment, with proprietary treatment products manufactured for several Australian and international companies. In 2006 he and partner Jill established Plant Extracts International Inc. in Hopkins, Minnesota, to develop and market FDA-compliant essential oils and formulated products for the North American health care and related markets.

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