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This international taskforce, comprised of researchers, educators, scientists, and aromatic practitioners, came together around a sense of disillusionment over the quality of current nonpharmacologic aromatic research reporting. The ARQAT is united by a common goal—to set and maintain standards for conduct and reporting of nonpharmacologic aromatic intervention studies.

Aromatic Research Reporting

Reporting of nonpharmacologic aromatic research often lacks the detail required to determine reliability and subsequent application within clinical and healthcare settings. To address this gap, the Aromatic Research Quality Appraisal Taskforce (ARQAT) comprised of aromatherapy professionals with varied expert backgrounds created the Transparent Reporting for Essential oil & Aroma Therapeutic Studies (TREATS) checklist to evaluate reporting of nonpharmacologic aromatic research.

The White Paper

The onus for improving aromatherapy research reporting rests on the shoulders of aromatherapists with research training and the related community of scientists and researchers with an interest in aromatherapy and aromatic research.

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